Skyview RVA

Aerial Phototgraphy


Can you transport cargo? 


Sadly Skyview is restricted by the FAA to what exactly we can do. Taking photos or videos is fine, but cargo is not something we can do as of now. 

Why can't I just take the pictures with my drone?

The FAA also restricts who can and can't use photo's from drones for commercial benefit. As long as money is made either indirectly or directly you need to be part 107 qualified and all of our pilots are. 


How long will an appoinment take?


It can be hard to pin down the exact time but our drones have a limited flight time from 15-20 minutes. If more footage is required then the Pilot will land and replace the battery. As long as you need footage the pilot will be in the air or waiting for the right moment.

Can Skyview put music on to the video they get?

Skyview has the ability to play whatever song you want in the background and more. Maybe more contrast in one shot would look better or the light is too much in one scene. All these things can be fixed by skyview

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