Skyview RVA

Aerial Phototgraphy

The boat house
The boat house Right outside of downtown richmond is a boat house for the VCU rowing team. The boat at the bottom is one of their fours.
Mavic 1
Mavic 1 This is a picture of Skyview's favorite drone at our disposal, the DJI Mavic pro. It's simple, reliable, portable, and effective.
Horses in the field
Horses in the field This is an example of how low to the ground and close to obstructions our drone can get. Just because we take photos from the air doesn't mean we can't take a decent still from a few feet above the ground.
River of Fog
River of Fog This photo demonstrates the height our drones are able to go to. The FAA limits flights to 400 feet above the ground but with enough time to warn the FAA we can go as high as you need us to.
Corn In The Wind
Corn In The Wind Skyview will be able to record or get stills of whatever you want wherever it may be.
Pole Green Church
Pole Green Church Pole Green Church is a very popular wedding venue and Skyview is more than happy to cover any outside events.


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